Social Justice vs the True Gospel

The social justice gospel vs the True Gospel. What is the difference? Jesus warns us, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Mat. 7:6

The Gospel is all about a restoration in relationship to God. God is holy, we were not. Therefore, God has made a way for us to be holy once again. But this “way” is narrow. It is found only through obedience to the law of Christ. In this way, we surrender our love for ourselves and allow the love of Christ to flow through us to others.

So why does there seem to be such a fuss as the Church continues to be divided on the issues of social justice? Is not our love for Christ meant to flow naturally to those who are yet to partake of it? By all means… Therefore, why am I (along with many other pastors) trying to warn people not to blindly accept the social justice gospel?

In it’s most simplistic form, it becomes a stewardship issue. You see, outside of eternity we have limited time, energy, and money to use as we invest the love we have into those God is calling us to minister to. Believe me, if I had enough time, energy, and money, I would love every single person on this planet and continually share the love of God for all of time. Sadly, we are only on this earth for a mist and a vapor.

Casting your pearls before swine is about discerning where God’s love will be most effectively spent in your unique life, local fellowship, and denomination. One day God called a military man to start helping the homeless and God used that man’s love to start the Salvation Army. God used the love of a man who saw his fellow priests misusing God’s people and out of that was birthed the Protestant Church. Yet, just because Martian Luther did not focus on the poor nor William booth focus more on theology rather than the needs of the poor, God’s love was multiplied 1,000 fold through the love driving them both.

The social justice gospel is about forcing the people of God to channel their love and resources to where the world (and Satan) wants rather than where God has directed them. And we know this is true for this reason. Why would a local ministry care about where God was leading other ministries to invest God’s love? For God is the only one who should care about such things. Yet the social justice gospel will always put pressure on where and how the love of God is dispensed.

So why does God warn us where to cast the precious seed of His love? Satan has no issue sucking the love of Christ from you as you invest in people that are not ready to receive the Word. You see, the Good Shepherd tries to cast his seed on the good soil where the crop will bear much more seed. Satan on the other hand will continue to find ways to trick you into casting your seed on the path to no avail.

It is only a few verses before these where Jesus teaches us that we can’t show favoritism in who we love. We can’t purposely love one race, a people of economic status, or even a particular theological background, yet he warns us to invest His love wisely.

The revenge and hate found in groups like Black lives Matters will never be quenched. And as the church, we are not called to invest our lives into a black-hole of hate as they take our resources and use them to continue the work of the enemy that dwells in them.

We are called to be on the lookout for who God is calling us to love. Most of the time, that person or group is someone that shares life with us in some way. And through prayer, God will reveal who those people are and how we are to love them.

This works the same for churches as well as denominations. We can’t allow the world to tell us how to sow the Lord’s precious seed. We can’t always rush to the loudest voice or invest in the deepest void of darkness in an attempt to shed the Light. For it is God alone who warms the sinners heart, and not the efforts of an organizations good intentions.

I do concede that God still may call a person, local, or group of churches to love these groups. But that is between them and God, just as those who I choose to minister to are in response to God’s direction and call.

Today, many churches and voices are pressuring other ministries to take up the flag of social justice. For those feeling that pressure, know that if social Justice was really God’s will for your ministry, it would not feel like pressure; rather it would be a joy-filled out-flowing of His peace and provision. Therefore, I give you and your church permission to continue to seek the Lord’s face and love where He leads you while not giving heed to Satan’s joyless trials.

Stand firm Church. Do not let the world steal your joy and peace. And heed the wisdom of our God and King. “Do not throw your pearls before swine.”