So You Left Your Church

So, you left your Church… I bet you have a really good reason. My name is pastor Luke. Like you, I have left the traditional church system to seek Christ afresh. And even though there are still many great churches in our area, I have grown to despise religion and the hypocrisy I see in much of Christianity as a whole. But I love Jesus. As one who is called to preach the Word, I have spent many years trying to figure out how to build Christian fellowships that preach Truth, help others grow closer to God, fill the needs of our neighbors, and provide likeminded friends to grow in Christ together. The time has come to put these thoughts into action. I am starting a fellowship in Bock, MN that will now meet every Wednesday evening. It is for those who have left the church.

This ministry is meant to provide fellowship (close relationships) without the yoke of religion. So, do we want your money? Nope… This ministry is built to run on practically nothing. Do we want to control you? In religious terms, there is no membership here. You can’t join this church because there is nothing to join. There is no board to control you, and there are no bylaws to command your behavior. Do we judge you? Absolutely not… For how can any of us elevate ourselves over others just because our struggles look differently.

With that said, know that this ministry will share an unbridled living Word of God. We will preach Truth. Sometimes truth hurts. We will never compromise the Word of God. And I will hold myself accountable to that which I preach, for as a shepherd of God’s people, I strive to live the Truth I preach. Therefore, if you would like some answers to tough questions… If you really want to know more about God… If you miss developing friends that truly love you for who you are… Then I would encourage you to give us a try. In fact, come and go as you please…

The general Church is entering a time of reform. Many pastors are leaving their denominations for many of the same reasons you have left. We who have left understand your pain and the reasons you have left. In fact, many of us have been deeply wounded in the past by these unloving systems of church government. Our goal is not to control you. Our goal is to bring you the peace and joy found in Christ. There is a certain freedom to worshiping God individually in the safety of our homes. Yet, if many of us are honest, we know something has been missing in our faith. The thing that is missing is likeminded fellowship with other believers. For a God who loves through us must seek to love others through us. Therefore, give us a chance. We are not perfect, and many things may need to change as we seek faith without religion.

As a pastor with no sheep, I have space in my heart to love your family. I pray that God will lead you our way. And if He does, I pray that you feel Christ and not religion. There is only one fellowship in Christ. Let this ministry be a place where you can feel comfort and peace in the vast body we call the Bride of Christ.

For the next 5 weeks we will be hosting a Bible study at the Borgholm Townhall for people to ask questions and learn more about this new ministry. We would love to meet you. Have a blessed day.