Our New Label “Extremist”

Everyone who classifies themselves as a “conservative Christian”, needs to be ready to embrace our new title. This title is being forced out in many avenues and in many different mediums. We are quickly being labeled “Extremist”, and our traditional Christian values are now considered “Hate Speech”.

Sure it will take a couple years for the brainwashing to take full effect, but we need to realize that active and real persecution is now taking place in America. It will be felt first in Government hiring within liberal states; however, with the current administration, the federal Government should be able to accomplish much of what the left is pushing.

Just look closely at the propaganda that is flooding the media. The message is clear: Christian, Extremist, Hate Speech. You will find those exact words in many of the articles now being published. And it is this enemy (conservative Christians) that everyone can profile and discriminate against.

Why do I keep posting things like this? Because we need to prepare for what is coming. Worship God in public while you can. Go and buy up used Bibles where you can find them. Spend time in fellowship with other Christians as darker days are near. Prepare your hearts for what worship will look like when the doors to our churches are closed and our denominations begin to cave to governmental regulation or are dismantled from the top down.

Find pastors who are still willing to preach the Truth, for as each day goes by, more pastors and churches are compromising their gospel to stay open and relevant. There is nothing politically correct about the Holiness of God. And those who strive to lift up the virtues of a Holy God are about to face severe temptation as we will all be faced with a choice: Will we give into the culture and live comfortably as we reject our faith or will we willingly take the road of suffering that is being laid out for us?

To the world I am a racist Christian extremist whose white privilege has empowered the boldness of my hate speech as I judgmentally push the beliefs of a irrelevant religion onto helpless victims. But to Jesus I am a child of God. For me, all I claim to be is a humble servant. This is not business as usual, but it is the new normal. Famine is coming…