Our First Youth Meeting

Last night we had our first youth meeting for our new youth ministry here at The Fellowship. We had an ice breaker activity as well as fun activity so that everyone could get to know better. We also spent some time in the Word and setting expectations for the group.

Surprisingly, in our first two events, we have had 17 different kids show up. To me that is amazing as our normal church attendance with covid is still hovering around 20 people. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a new family show up to this first meeting.

Sometimes we don’t give our kids enough credit. Last night, I felt as though the kids fully embraced and understood that we want to create a safe place that focuses on learning more about God; a place where you can develop lifelong friends you can share your joys and struggles with. Even after the first night, I feel these kids crave a place of true Christian fellowship in a world that becomes darker by the day.

We also discussed how unique our ministry is and how it will effect the youth group. With no church board or membership, it will be those who consistently show up who will hold the relational positions of leadership and decide what activities, service projects, and even what scriptures get studied. We will teach them to take ownership of their ministry to reach the youth in their communities as we the adults help in any way we can.

As for next month in march, the youth group voted on their next activity and the date of their next study meeting. On Wed. March 10th, they will have an outreach event at the Townhall and invite their friends to play board games. This is a good option as it is still cold outside. Then on Wednesday March 24th they will have their next meeting to study the Word of God. They also decided that I should prepare a lesson on the temptations of Christ.

This month The Fellowship launched its first outreach ministry into the community. How will a church solely based on relationships hold it together without the structures of organized religion? We will place our faith in Christ that He is our provision and that our relationships provide all of the structure that we need to minister effectively.

We hope to see more teens that are eager to dive into the Word of God and develop lasting friendships with others who value Christ above all else. Have a blessed day.