My Greatest Blessing From 2020

In our small group time during our main worship service, I asked our fellowship to share some of the blessings they have received in 2020. After the chuckles simmered down after such a hard year, many did share some wonderful things.

Just now (as I am producing the teaching to place online for today’s service) I realized a blessing that has taken place in my life. As a pastor, I love to share the Word of God, and I love telling people the full Truth as it is revealed to me in the Word. I just finished editing the teaching for today and saw that the teaching segment of our worship service lasted a full hour and a half.

I am blessed that God is surrounding me with hungry people who don’t care about how long it takes, but are desperate to understand and receive the Word of God. I am blessed that I don’t have to condense the richness of the scriptures into a short concentrated messages that only some will receive, but can take the time required to handle the Word of God properly and allow for questions and discussion.

I do not plan on every teaching being so long, but I am excited to know that there are people who don’t care about getting in and out of church to check off a box and get back to their lives. The hunger of the people and the time they are spending in the Word outside of Church truly makes it feel like the old camp meetings of old. I am a blessed man.