It Is Time To Change How We Do Church!

It Is Time To Change How We Do Church!  Many people are wondering how the ministry we are developing here at The Fellowship is different from any other church.  Honestly, in many ways we look and operate the same; however, there is a fundamental and foundational difference that takes place in a fellowship model of ministry that can never truly be adopted by those in the denominational system.

Therefore, I wanted to create a teaching that would help people understand this major shift in the structure of how we develop our ministries using this Fellowship model.  People fear what they don’t understand.  As a part of the body of Christ, we want to be as transparent about what we are doing so that you can see our hearts.  We may not all agree on our methods, yet we are all striving to serve the Lord as He leads us.

We are very divergent from a traditional church.  And that is because we are being led to try something different to reach a generation that claims the title “once churched”.  Think of us as missionaries (sent to the US) who are seeking after these lost sheep.  Many of them have left the physical church and may never step foot in a church again.  That is why it is time to take the church to them…

If you are unable to watch the entire 90 minutes of this teaching about the church that could drastically change how you look and experience the body of Christ, know that the easiest way to sum up the reform we are doing is to take all of the money, assets, and control people have in a religious organization and base everything instead on relationships glued solely together by the Word of God.  For when the body of Christ has enough faith to wait on the Lord’s provision, He blesses the socks off that ministry.  And rather then building systems to maintain and control those blessings, we share them with those around us knowing that God will continue to Bless us even as we continue to give ourselves away.

Jesus is our provision.  He feeds us with His Word and with the Love of others as the Spirit of God flows through us.  In short, we don’t go to church in a fellowship model of ministry; rather, we strive to function as the Church.  And those are not just words in a mission statement. 

This generation doesn’t care about our traditions and our heritage.  They seek the life-giving presence of God and the joy that comes through waking in the Truth.  I pray that there will be more saints that have the faith to see that there is no joy in sitting in a building and keeping it maintained as an older congregation slowly passes away.  The Spirit of God is calling you out of these broken systems to empower you with His presence to share His love with those He puts in our path.  It is time to wake up Church of God.  It is time to take the Church to the broken as we allow Christ to be our provision. Oh what blessings are instore for those who will let go and let God lead His Church…