Have you been hurt by the Church?

Have you been hurt by the Church? You are not alone. There is no need to sugar-coat it. In many ways, the Church has messed up. I am one of many pastors who have left the traditional church to help restore those who have left the faith to be reconciled to Christ. After years of research and seeking the Lord, God has given me a vision and a plan to create loosely connected fellowships that are stripped of most religion and tradition.

As we start the first prototype of this reformed style of fellowship in Bock, MN, we are starting with only a handful of people. Today we have our second of five Bible Studies that are meant to create a safe place to meet and ask us questions about what we will be doing. God has provided a large building for us to meet and a pastor to teach the Word. All we need now are people who have left the church and want to help build what could be the start of a major shift in how churches function in the future. It truly is a reformation of Church structure.

This fellowship will not tie you down. There is no membership. It will not control you, for there is no church board. It will not continually try to get money out of you, for it carries on without the need for much support. It is a place to mingle and learn about God with others who are seeking Truth. We won’t judge because we all struggle and deal with sin; however, we will always allow God to define what He has deemed sin to be.

I am a pastor looking for people I can help grow closer to the Lord. Will you allow me to come along side of you and walk with you as we strive together toward the goal of our salvation? I have done my best to remove the burdens the traditional Church has placed on the Bride of Christ. We know in our hearts that we are called to fellowship and love other Christians. Let this be a place where we can once again serve the Lord in joy as we share meals, our joys, our struggles, and our lives together. The need for a religion-lite fellowship is desperately desired in our time. Will you help us get it started?

We hope to see you tonight at 16041 70th Ave, Milaca, MN 56353 (Borgholm Townhall). I will show up around 6:00 p.m. if anyone wants to chat. Our study will begin at 6:30. Feel free to message me with any questions. See you tonight…