Have You Been Feeling Overwhelmed Lately?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? Is your heart filled with anxiety? This coming winter may be the hardest season that any of us have ever had to endure. So what is the plan for you and your family to shine through it? How can we help our kids cope with the fear and isolation of 2020?

If you have not had that conversation yet, I would like to give you an option to think about. I truly believe that there is only one thing that can give us lasting joy and spiritual health, and that is through Jesus Christ and fellowship with likeminded Christians.

So here is just one option that may help your family focus on the positive and be filled with hope for the next 4 months. What if you and your family made the decision to help start a new ministry here in Milaca? And not just a new ministry, what if you could help develop a cutting edge new tool to help reform the Church at large?

The fellowship is a ministry that is still being developed. It is geared toward removing as much of what man has added to the Church while getting back to how the early church originally functioned. It is highly relational and the teaching is very deep in the Word. We wrestle with tough questions and the interactive teaching model really helps everyone learn more about God.

What would a church look like that was no longer run like a business or an entertainment center, rather was led like a family?

I don’t know where God is going to take His ministry here in Milaca, but I do know that those who are starting to fellowship with us are feeling peace and joy during a time of great uncertainty. And our joy comes from diving deep into the scriptures each week and loving each other. If you were to ask them, they will tell you that they learn something more about Jesus every week. And that is because He is our priority in worship. Here you will hear the Truth. Here you will be challenged.

So what are you doing this Sunday? If you have a few hours to spare, come and receive some hope and joy with us. Many of the people who are coming have not attended a church in quite some time. And for those who have chosen to leave the organized church, we have a message for you. We are not alone! Our fellowship is not a church. It is a group of Christ followers that gather to hear a bold and living Word. This is a safe place for you, and everyone is welcome.

Come Hungry, leave with Joy. See you at the Kings Sparrow at 9:30 this Sunday. It is located right next to Dairy Queen.