For Those Checking Out the Fellowship Church

I just posted an event about our youth group starting. Therefore, I figured maybe someone new may need to know what kind of ministry we have started here at the Fellowship. As many people know, millions of people are leaving the established church. For those over 40, we distinctly remember the denomination we were born into. But something has happened. Over the past few decades, we have realized that our children and grandchildren are leaving the denominations that we have called home for so long.

There are many reasons for this. Some have merit and some are just because we chose to leave and see what life would be like outside of the controls of the Church. I don’t want to take time to list them all, but here are some of the major issues driving entire generations from the established church. For some, it is the church’s or denomination’s complete 180 on issues on sexual immorality. For others it is the emptiness they feel as a consumer-minded/entertainment driven worship experiences never really fill the void in their hearts. And many others have fled because of hypocrisy, from people in leadership being the cause of great pain, and because new teachings from outside of traditional Christianity (New Age Mysticism) are being taught in the church.

With all of that said, there is a growing number of faithful Christians who are done playing church. They are done with religion, yet they are hungry for the Word and seek after Christ. They don’t care about being entertained because they know that the Holy Spirit pruning the heart will always bring more joy than a quality production that manufactures a spiritual response. It is not the quality of the music or teaching that transforms the heart; it is the humble servant seeking the Living Word of God and obeying it.

What is “The Fellowship” all about? It is an attempt to regather the fellowship of Christ. For too long, we have worshiped in our homes and have refrained from attending a weekly Christian fellowship. And no matter how well we think we have done; we are seeing the fruits of that choice. Alone, we struggle. And as we have stopped going to church, our children are in much worse spiritual shape that we could possibly know. For the voice of the saints have been replaced with You-Tube videos, and a school system that edifies all faiths and orientations. What we are seeing is that our kids no longer have the foundation of a Christian faith. We tried our best to do it alone and now our children may not be standing by our side for all eternity.

Church is important not so that we place a huge burden on you and make you jump through a bunch of hoops to maintain influence and right standing. It is not meant to be a place that takes your money and forces you to think a certain way. That is what religion does. Church is supposed to be about relationships. It should be a place where we support each other in the hard times. A place where our children can see Godly examples of men and women as they grow in their faith in Christ. And biblical studies and relationships are what we offer in this ministry.

You can’t join the fellowship; you can’t be a member and there is no church board. There will never be a building that we own. We do have a pastor and we dive deeply into the Word of God when we gather. We don’t need your money, but we desperately need people to love. Therefore, even though we may look and act like a church is many ways, we claim only to be a small part of the one true Fellowship of Christ.

If you have left your former denomination or church. We challenge you to give us a try. We are not for everybody, and almost everyone who currently attends has been out of church for years. Therefore, seek the Lord and ask Him if you should check us out. All you will find is a bunch of simple people hungry for Christian fellowship. We are hungry for the Word and we leave full each week as we sharpen our swords and ask tough questions about the faith.

You are invited to join us for Sunday worship at the Kings Sparrow Coffee Shop in Milaca at 9:30 on Sundays, or contact us about our newly developing youth group (starting Feb. 24th) so that our children can develop a strong faith that they will need in a culture that is quickly turning against our faith. Our youth group will be moving locations and dates, so if you would like to remain in the loop let me know. Blessings