First Worship Service Eve

I just wanted to send a quick update for our very first worship service that will be held tomorrow (Wednesday evening). Remember that the time now changes to 6 p.m. for setup and fellowship while we will start the worship service promptly at 6:30 p.m.

As we all know, the world has been turned upside down and many churches have canceled their in-person services. I have thought hard about canceling, yet have been given peace about the small gathering of people that we will most likely have. Therefore, we are on as planned. We are expecting between 10 to 30 people to show up. Since the space is a very large and open room, I would suggest that families who would like to attend may want to bring their own chairs and Bibles.

When you arrive, feel free to find an open spot and claim that area as your safe zone. As others arrive, they to will set up their own chairs or grab the chairs that are provided. We should try and stay 6 feet away from each family unit and any elderly among us should be given a 10-foot bubble. For this reason, we will not be greeting each other physically. And even though we really want to get close and give you a hug, we will all maintain healthy and safe boundaries.

You may be asking, “If it sounds so distant and cold, why should we show up?” In Truth, people need the Lord this week. And looking into a box cannot replace being surrounded by others who are worshiping the Lord together. Therefore, we will sing, we will pray, and we will receive a fresh living Word. A Word that will bring you peace and joy in our great time of struggle. I never thought that God would choose this day for us to worship together for the first time. But His ways are higher than mine. All we can do is follow His will. Peace be with you all. God is still Good, and He loves each of you very much. See you tomorrow…