Denominational Lawsuits are Coming

Are you ready for the lawsuits and the fall of our larger denominations? It may very well be here. Make no mistake, no matter who is responsible for this outbreak, God is allowing it to take place and Satan is the tool that God will use to punish a global Church that no longer bears His true Name.

For the denominations with shared assets held by the governing body, you are being placed in checkmate. Unless you vote to make quick and drastic changes, I do not see a situation where those religious bodies can survive. Here are the facts. People are going to get the virus, people are going to die, and people will strive to seek out compensation for their loses. So where does that put denominations like the Nazarene Church?

To begin with, these larger denominations first have to play it super safe. What that means is that they will error on the side of extreme caution to avoid any lawsuits or to be the cause of any harm to their people. In truth, it may take quite some time (if ever) until these denominations feel comfortable enough to sit elbow to elbow or to place our hands on each other to pray.

No matter the motives, there are consequences for these measures of safety. The most pressing one is sociology. Humans are people of habit and they don’t do well with change. The longer the average churchgoer is not waking up on Sunday and going to church, the harder it will be to get them to change that habit in the future. We may boast that our online attendance is good, but in reality, we are preaching to the choir while many of those who really need the Word of God are not joining with us online. If the church was experiencing a great loss of interest and numbers before this virus hit, can we not see how this will only accelerate the process?

Secondly, we have become addicted to entertainment. In truth, most churches cannot compete digitally with the resources and capabilities of the major players in the church movement. False teachers like Hillsong, IHOP, and Bethel will continue to grow an international following. And the bright flashing lights and high-quality graphics and video will lure many in our local churches away. Sadly, as these false teachers start to infect our people, they will be sucked into the black hole that is the emotional experience manufactured by these bands and teachers. In truth, their gospel looks and feels better than ours, even though it is void of Life. By playing it safe, we are allowing those we love walk away from the living God.

More importantly, the future view that churches can be sued is now the present. And make no mistake, a broken and fallen world will go out of its way to help people sue the Church. It doesn’t matter how safe the church plays it. At some point in the future, in one of these denominational churches, someone is going to get sick and die solely because of that specific church gathering. Now take that one person times 300 local churches in your denomination… In short order, the mission of these denominations will have to shift from sharing the Gospel to protecting what they have.

So why am I writing today. It is because I love the Church and I also love our denominations. Sure, I have left those traditional systems to use a new tool to “be the Church”, but that does not mean I rejoice or lack empathy for what is coming for those I love. I see the great fall of religion written about in Revelation. If we are entering the end days, are we that surprised that these things may take place quickly? Let me let you in on a secret. Before this is all done, Jesus is going to prepare a Church that is pure. And if it is His will to cleanse His bride, how can we succeed if our plans are to do the opposite. If we can’t take our buildings and our traditions to heaven, why can’t we lay them at the feet of the cross before we join Him there?

In light of these things, here is my strong advice to denominations like the Nazarene Church. The denominations with shared assets will be the first to go. Please, from the bottom of my heart. As quickly as you can, give each local church the sole ownership of their local assets. Do not make every Church share in the yoke of these coming lawsuits. This may be the difference between losing your denomination a decade rather than a few years.

And pastors, if you care about your communities, the time may come where you may be called to let go of the things we have created for our ministries and fully rely on God outside of the walls of a building. The time may come to break ties with the denominations that we love in order to protect our flocks from what is coming. Thankfully, that time is not yet here, but if changes are not made quickly, that call may need to be made sooner than later.

No matter where you are or what Church you attend, may God be with you. As one of many who are proclaiming the first angel’s message given to the Church in Revelation, I implore you to “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.” Rev. 14:6

The second message in Rev. 14:8 has not yet to be given, but we are getting closer each day. It declares the fall of the organized Christian religion. And on that day, all who truly believe in Christ will be force to flee to the mountains (out of the church) or face the wrath of God he has saved up for it.

The figs on the tree are budding. The season of the Lord’s return is upon us. Therefore, rejoice that our reunion with Him draws nigh, yet in fear of the Lord, let us prepare our hearts to meet Him. When He returns, let Him find a spotless bride that has given up everything to hold on the most precious gift in this world. Jesus Christ…