Church Reform is Coming

Reform is coming. The Spirit of God is on the move. And revival will be seen in those who are done playing Christian and are willing to truly follow the Lord’s commands.

There are still some very healthy churches and pastors in the world (and our local communities) today; however, many of our churches have become powerless because God will never work in conjunction with open sin and rebellion in His people.

As a result, we are seeing a mass exodus from the organized church as many have fled these powerless ministries where by each passing year, it becomes harder and harder to feel the true presence of God. The church is in crisis. Last year alone, Bara research found that 1/3rd of Christians in America stopped attending church altogether. Why did they leave? They left because the Spirit had left… All that remains in these churches are a religion void of the power of God.

Lets throw out the money, the power and influence, lets get rid of all the unnecessary buildings and assets. Lets remove the need for manuals, general assemblies, and church government. For when we do, we will find a fellowship that can only be bound by holiness and relationships; one where the Bible becomes the only manual and Christ alone is our King and leader. It is time to start fellowships that fully rely on God to be their provision.

And it will be here (amongst the humble servants of God) where uncompromised Truth will begin to manifest His power (in his people) as True light, and his Bride will once again become a witness to His Glory.

To those who still serve in healthy/God fearing churches that still have pastors who preach the True Word of God, stay where you are. Keep fighting the good fight. But if you know that your church organization or pastor has become compromised, woe unto you that choose to remain in those ministries.

For you are yoked with those evil men and your offspring and those you love will become enticed and fall to the tickling of their ears. I tell you the truth, the time to fight to save our denominations from compromise and sin has passed. The best witness you can have is to walk away in faith and seek out those who still fear God.

Would we be willing to give up our organizational Christian identity to embrace His presence if He called us to? We all know that when we all get to heaven, we will not be called Baptist, Lutheran, or Catholic. But what if he wants us to act on that idea before we get there? Oh, I wish you could know my heart and how I truly believe that many faithful Christians (in many once healthy churches) are in such danger.

As for me, I would give anything to remain in His presence. And that is why what I am doing is not popular or cool. It is real and uncompromising. But I do it, because salvation is worth everything I have on this earth; even if that is setting aside my religion and traditions to embrace Him. And as I am called to be holy, I strive with my all to bring as many I can into his holiness with me.

I know some of your struggles, and the weight you bear as you watch your churches bend to compromise and tolerate what you know is sin. Allow God to take away that burden. It is no longer yours to bear.

Oh how I wish you would let go of tradition to embrace Him. To Feel His warmth and presence; to let go of the guilt and shame of supporting what you know has become void of Christ. We are not alone. There are thousands of us who have been called out of what has become lifeless. My call is to gather those who have fled to the mountains and help them form a new identity in Christ alone. For it is He and not a religions organization who we are called to serve.

See you at 9:30 Sunday at the Kings Sparrow. Remember, all offerings collected tomorrow will be given anonymously to Bonnie as the government tries to shut down her ministry; the Kings Sparrow Coffee Shop… We are blessed that Bonnie has opened her doors to allow us to preach the Word at her facility. And we stand with her as she fights this battle.

Holiness unto the Lord…