Calling Our Seasoned Saints

If you have not heard about our ministry yet, it is a fellowship built around relationships of people who have left the established church to seek Christ outside of religion. I am their pastor. Using the Bible as our manual, we have no membership, no assets, no church board, yet function much like a normal ministry would. By removing the need of money and assets to protect, we become better stewards to the needs of those around us. And by casting off the yoke of religion and tradition, we are able to preach and teach what the Holy Spirit reveals to us in His Living Word without compromising our witness because of something that a church government decides by majority vote.

There was a time when those who started non-denominational ministries were seen as those without accountability. Today it is our denominations that seem to be changing the Word of God as it suits them. Buckle up friends. For Truth is becoming targeted quickly. Many churches will compromise in order to keep their doors open. That is why we don’t own any doors.

I know your out there. You, that seasoned saint that has seen the drastic changes that have taken place in your denomination. You suffer as you believe you no longer have a voice. Nothing you can do will change what God is allowing to take place as He brings judgement on His people. If you want a true message from God it would be this: God is calling His faithful to stop fighting against the tide of compromise in our local churches. The battle has been lost for a purpose. Take the years you have left and seek out where God is moving and still honored and glorified. Help to reform the bride by walking toward the Spirit and where He leads. For there you will find peace, and God will use what you can offer to help bless those who are seeking after Truth. You don’t owe an organization or a building any more time. You don’t owe anything to a denomination that no longer shares your values and has been taken over by a different spirit.

(Disclaimer) Yes, there are still many good churches and denominations out there; even locally. Don’t leave those ones…

Leaving our compromised churches will always be one of the hardest things we ever do. But that is why God has called me. My task is to help take away that guilt and shame by showing you that God is calling the faithful out. And not out to the wilderness to just sit around in wandering; He is going to take those who have little power and use them to do great things as we purify our fellowships and shine like our churches use to 60 years ago. As individuals, we can do little, but together, God will do the impossible.

Stop the struggle. Find peace in a fellowship that seeks after Truth even if it gets us thrown in jail. We are here. And the presence of God is with us. For only in obedience to the laws of Christ can the Light in us truly shine as we manifest our faith. The power of Christ is not found in toleration and acceptance of sin, it is found in surrender and humility to a Holy God.

It is a sad day when issues of sexual immorality are considered legalistic. And it is a sad day when the voice of so many of our elder saints have been silenced. Be silent no longer. Come and check out a fellowship that lifts up our elderly and seeks their wisdom from a lifetime of faith and experience. Christianity is splitting in two. One side has all the power and assets they need. The other only seeks relationship and fellowship with those who are desperately seeking after Him and recognize the leaven that has worked through many of our churches.

The Lord has need of you. Not for your money (for we seek after nothing of value to protect). We need an old-time faith to be shared with those who have surrendered everything to have Him. We need mentors. We need examples. We need to see your faith. For that faith is alien in this wicked and perverse generation.