Attractional Churches :(

Theological Thoughts – Attractional Churches… Why do we keep on asking goats what it will take for them to graze with our sheep in the flock? Is that how evangelism is described in scripture? Is God pleased when we worship Him with the world (2 Cor. 6:14-18)?

The 30 year old concept of the seeker sensitive church has backfired. By making our churches more comfortable for the goats, we have neglected the true sheep we were called to shepherd (make disciples). Our sheep are malnourished as they hunger for meat but are only given a steady diet of spiritual milk (Heb. 5:13-14). Moreover, the goats now seem to be gaining control of our churches as they outnumber the sheep in the church (Rev. 18:2). Do we really think we can somehow have a revival that will change these goats into sheep?

The Truth is, the Spirit of God is leaving many churches (Rev. 18:7). Reformation is coming as God is calling new shepherds to call out for the sheep (Rev. 18:4). As the sheep hear the voice of holiness, they will come out and follow these shepherds in the wilderness, for they know the voice of the Lord. The fellowship of God is not for goats (1 John 1:5-6).

Evangelism is loving others in the world and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform the goat into a sheep. This is done in many ways, even in an outreach service at the church. But these are all meant to take place outside of the true fellowship and worship of the Father. Once a goat is transformed into a sheep, they are brought into the fellowship. And that sheep falls into line. They do not care about the music or the lights; for they are there to be fed by the living Word of God.

The prophecy of Rev. 14:7 is being fulfilled. And sometime in the near future, Rev. 14:8 will take place as the church of this world is destroyed after Satan is done using it. (Rev. 17:17) True followers of God must realize that Matthew 24:10-22 may soon take place. We have turned the Lord’s sanctuary into a den of robbers. Prophecy reveals that God has allowed this to happen because the religion of the Christian church will fall before Christ returns. Therefore, rejoice that Christ is coming soon, but fear the Lord and serve Him only; even if that means fleeing the church.

With that said, the church has not fallen yet, and there are still plenty of good churches and pastors serving the Lord in Truth. However, there are many others who are falling away very quickly. The Lord be with us as we enter into the birth pains of His coming. May God give us wisdom to see these things and mercy to see us through them. Holiness unto the Lord…