Ancestral Plants

Word of the Day – I had the pleasure of hanging out with some friends this weekend on their new land up North. We began to talk about some flowers they had planted next to the campfire. They called them ancestral plants, for they had been passed down from generation to generation by their family.

Strangely enough, as we were talking about the special plants, their cat gingerly walked over to one of the lilies and started to eat it. We laughed and nudged the cat away, yet every few minutes, the cat would return to his new favorite delicacy and begin to munch on the ancestral greens. We all thought to ourselves, “Out of all the plants and foliage in this yard, why does this cat seek out the only one it can’t have?”

Then I was reminded of Adam and Eve in the Garden. They could enjoy so many plants, yet only one tree seemed to capture their attention. As Christians, we know that one day we will be able to eat from any tree, but we also understand that day has not yet arrived. God has called us to be reflections of His love. Even though we have freedom to do what we want as we live in faith, we are called to surrender our wants and desires to reflect His to a dying world. If we truly love He that gave us our freedom, we will honor Him with self-control as we patiently wait for our brothers and sisters to also receive it.