After Two Weeks

Ministry Update: I just wanted to share how our first two weeks of ministry are going. Even though our meetings have been small, the people that are coming are truly excited about what the ministry is going to be doing. New people have shown up each week, and those people are inviting others to come. We are in the middle of explaining how we are going to be ministering to those who have left the traditional church, and those who are coming are asking some great questions. We are also listening to people’s stories and pain as many have good reasons as to why they stopped attending their former churches.

As we continue to share about this ministry online, I have enjoyed the many phone calls and online discussions with so many that are currently outside of the traditional church who have been waiting and praying for a ministry like this to be developed. I have multiple people from surrounding cities that are thinking about starting similar ministries and are requesting the book that I have written on starting these non-traditional fellowships. I have also been invited to come and hang out with a house church to talk about some of these things.

In all, I am beginning to see the vast number of believers who are quietly waiting on the Lord as they have fled the traditions of men. A true time of reform is coming. These believers are hungry for the Word of God. They desire fellowship. They seek after a safe place to worship in Spirit and Truth. This whole day was such a blessing. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this week. As we patiently wait on His provision, we are humbled to see so much fruit as the Spirit of God is stirring so many hearts. Have a great night everyone.