Wrapping Up 2019

This will be my last post for 2019 and the last post I make for 31 days. I wanted to […]

Social Media Fast

One day left until we take a month off from technology as a family. It will be hard staying off […]

The Need for Church Reform

The traditional church model has served the Lord faithfully for over 1,000 years. Yet that model is a man-made construction […]

A New Version of Christianity

Word of the Day – I am seeing a new version of Christianity emerging. I see it in our music, […]

Covetousness in the Bride

Word of the Day – Covetousness in the Bride – As we prepare to start a new fellowship (church) in […]

A Reformation is Coming

A reformation is coming. What Luther and Wesley were unwilling to do, new reformers are anticipating. It is time to […]

Praying For Reformation

For 7 years, I have been praying for reformation and seeking the Lord’s will on how the Church can move […]