Who is a Reformer?

“A reformer is one who works to change and improve a society, government, etc. A reformer is not passive about […]

Thoughts on Theological Reform

Why do our older denominations need reform? It is because we have taken for granted the sacrifices of those who […]

The Middle of the Road

My deepest desire and yearning from the very depths of my soul, is to seek Christ and His holiness that’s […]

The Birth of Neodenominationalism

Neodenominationalism… Recently, I feel like God has given me the term I have been seeking for years to describe what […]

The Mark

Word of the Day – (The Mark: Part 1) In the last days each of us will receive a mark. […]

The Bible

Word of the Day – The Bible is the most unique book that has ever been written. Today, let’s look […]