Tree Blossoms

Word of the Day – It’s that special time of year where one of my favorite trees comes to blossom. […]

Ancestral Plants

Word of the Day – I had the pleasure of hanging out with some friends this weekend on their new […]


Word of the Day – My wife wanted to eat at Red Robin the other day – “Yumm.” And as […]


Word of the Day – Everything is going well in life until something happens. Just like the beautiful lawn in […]

Get Up and Get to Church…

Word of the Day – God placed this on my heart for someone today. There are some of us who […]

Trivial Matters

Word of the Day – Recently, I have been making many new friends on Facebook. Many of them believe in […]

Dressing the Wounds

Here is the Word I received from the Lord this morning. As pastors and teachers living in a broken and […]