Primary Worship Location

Welcome to Oakes Ministries. As you can see, our site is currently under construction, however, the entire database of pastor Luke’s writings are accessible and searchable on the site. For anyone who has been called to share in the expenses of this ministry, the best link to use is under the donate page. Some of the other links are not working correctly.

The Fellowship is a new and growing ministry in the Milaca/Bock area that is for those who are done playing Church and want to get serious about following Christ. Pastor Luke is always available to share his call and vision for this small local fellowship. In short, we hold to conservative views. We are not fundamentalist, but we accept the Word of God as our authority. Many of the people who attend our ministry have come out of churches that have embraced things like homosexuality, critical race theory, or have allowed other religious beliefs (new age mysticism) to infiltrate the Church. Our fellowship is a safe place where we are unwilling to compromise the Word of God. None of us are perfect, and all of us struggle with sin and temptation, but we are not ashamed of the holy nature of God.